The partnership of IfreightMED-DC project presented in Brussels a Manife...

The Generalitat of Catalunya and representatives of regional and national Institutions involved in Spain (Generalitat de Catalunya, Council of Chambers of Catalonia, FGC, CIMALSA), France (CCI Languedoc-Roussillon, Perpignan Méditerranée Agglomératio


Port of La Spezia is boosting international activities launching two new...

Within the European project IfreightMED - DC, funded by the MED programme, the port of La Spezia has supported the launch of two new international intermodal services: La Spezia-Frenkendorf/Switzerland via Melzo


First shipment of two containers between Katrineholm (Sweden) and Barcel...

19th June 2015, the first shipment of two containers sent from


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The European project, iFreightMED-DC, was created

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iFreightMED-DC : A project to improve regional competitiveness by promoting the development of efficient intermodal and rail freight services along Med area from existing and future infrastructures ; a project mobilizing professional and institutional partners of five countries of the Med Area, to promote a polycentric development of logistics potential of Med area with an original multimodal approach ; a project guided by a shared vision of competitiveness development, to promote new business opportunities.