To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. For information on support available in the UK, see rape and sexual assault: returning to the UK First steps It is your choice about what you do next, but this information may help you in coming to a decision. The Mlta important thing is to Discretino sure that you are as safe as you can be. You can: contact the international emergency on contact your tour operator if you are travelling with one contact your British High Commission. Consular staff will be polite, patient, sensitive and non-judgmental, and can provide information on local police and medical procedures.

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Each activity and outings is tailored according to the age group of the children. Your lawyer will be your main point of contact with the court particularly if you do not reside in Malta.

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Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. Hospital doctors may provide this prescription.

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Washing yourself or your clothes may make it difficult for the police to obtain forensic evidence. If you change your clothes, think about taking those you were wearing to the police. Where possible and if you wish, the tour operator may accompany you to the local hospital.

Obtaining your driving licence

It is advisable for you to appoint a lawyer should you wish to proceed with filing the report to oyu that you are kept informed on the case. A date will then be set for the first hearing and the beginning of the investigation period. The defendant has an automatic right of appeal. If you have had medication administered overseas, you may wish to keep the label or make a note of the name of the medication, so that you let your local health provider know when you return home.

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Police investigations in Malta: what to expect Sexual assault and rape are codified under Maltese criminal law as a crime against the person. Can I still apply? How do I inform you that my child needs a CSW? Some outings may also carry fees for transportation and entry to the venues. You can: contact the international emergency on contact your tour operator if you are whta with one contact your British High Commission.

The service is not offered on public holidays and weekends. San Francisco hot women Statementing Board Report needs to be written down on the application form.

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If you have already changed your clothing, please keep any evidence safe in a paper bag as plastic can alter the samples. Please note that if you are underage, you need a medical prescription to purchase the morning-after pill from any chemist.

It may take months or years before a case comes to trial. Children are grouped according to the date of birth.

Skolasajf is an inclusive summer school. Knlw a doctor refuse to prescribe it, you may be posted to a local health centre where you can obtain a prescription.

Emergency contraception needs to be taken within 72 hours of the incident for whay to be effective. If you do not know what to do, we can talk you through what it would mean and what your options are.

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UK police forces cannot investigate crimes committed overseas. Tell the police if you think you have been drugged. If you choose to report the crime, try to do so as soon as possible, so forensic evidence can be retained. Insist you get Discreion police report and request a translation in English if applicable.

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Your lawyer will represent you in Malta so that you are not required to be present at every court session. Whilst the trials may be completed relatively quickly, the period of investigation prior to trial is led by the court and may take a of months or years. These hours are available at all of our centres around Malta and Gozo.

If you believe you may be at risk of having contracted a sexually-transmitted infection STIyou should ask your local health provider to test you, even if you have been tested in the country that the assault took place in. Engaging a lawyer will help you to remain aware of the cases progress if you return to your home country. It is at the discretion of the centre whether such transfer can be affected or not.

Doctors or a police representative such as a Court Expert may take photographic evidence of any injuries, when deemed necessary and collect clothing items or any other objects containing relevant biological evidence.

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If you want to report the incident to the police in the UK It is possible to report the crime to police in the UK. They may also access the application at the servizz. Only you can decide whether to report the assault to the police. However, it is for foreign police forces to decide whether to investigate a crime in their jurisdiction.

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This may be very personal and feel intrusive however, it is very important that this information is included in your medical Federal Way sex chat. The core hours are from hrs until hrs. They can contact your family or friends for you if you wish If you want to report the incident to the police in Malta If you have a tour operator, they should be able to arrange for someone to support you.