By Laken Howard Dec. Your partner knows or senses this, too. But if you want to build a healthy, stable relationshipit's so crucial to make sure that you and your partner both maintain some degree of independence — which includes having sources of happiness outside the relationship.

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Clinical forensic psychologist Dr. Schofield explains.

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Your partner knows or senses this, too. So what can you do to make sure your happiness isn't defined by how your partner feels? Sometimes this alone can be enough to ease the sense of conflict and discomfort created by ambivalence. Once you identify these things, you can practice finding happiness for yourself. Acknowledge the negative. Anothfr for navigating your friend's celebration party, being in the moment is key.

While you may not have experienced opposite emotions on such a drastic level, Dr.

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If gor not happy unless your ificant other is always getting their way, that's not anoother for your relationship in the long run. How can you push past your personal setbacks to be happy for someone else? John Huber says that the emotion that ends up winning out in the end has a lot to do with our level of emotional maturity, and the type of response that's triggered in our brains. Because it's in our nature to think the worst of ourselves, Dr. Schofield says you're already on the right track.

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If you're sitting there in the throes of for happy person and need help navigating it, Dr. Your friend receives the promotion he was up for just as you fall victim to a round a layoffs; a baby shower invite arrives after another failed attempt to conceive; your friend moves in with her ificant looking as you're calling it quits with yours.

You want to be lerson for your friend, of course. If you are independent, your mood will not fot mirror theirs. But if you constantly grill your partner about how happy they are in the relationship, that might be a that you're insecure about your own happiness in the relationship, too.

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Everything else is just a thought about something which already happened, or may never happen. Let them be without obsessing over them.

We can be proactive and evaluate how and why our friend was able to be successful, and see if there are ways we can apply this knowledge to improve our own lives. Schofield says.

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If you're not happy or secure in your relationship unless your partner is physically by your side, that's an example of codependent behavior. We might feel both that we want to go to support our friend, but that going to the party will make hhappy feel worse about our own lack of success.

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If we are especially frustrated by our own situation, we may act against our principles by treating our friend badly, despite wanting to be the sort of person who celebrates the achievements of others. If we give it its due attention, any negative thoughts we might have fade into the background, and cease to trouble us.


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But how can you push past your personal setbacks in order to do so? Anpther mind and individual is different. But if you feel like you need to know their reaction to any big life update before you yourself celebrate even internallythat's a red flag. It could be time to get in touch with that.

Here's a look at how we process emotions, the plausibility of feeling both ends of the spectrum simultaneously and what steps you can take to navigate the conflict in a way that actually helps you win in the long run. Is it possible to hold two opposite emotions at the same time, experiencing the grief of your own loss while still celebrating your friend's success?

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Not only is ambivalence not necessarily unhealthy, there is even evidence that it can be beneficial — if we focus it the right way. Ignoring the negative.

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While there are downsides to lingering in this mental state of conflict, Dr. While commonly viewed as selfish, it is absolutely fine to feel happy about someone's success while feeling sad about your own personal struggle. But anotber you want to build a healthy, stable relationshipit's so crucial to make sure that you and your partner both maintain some degree of independence — which includes having sources of happiness outside the relationship.

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Instead of making a decision, ambivalence may lead us to procrastinate until the decision is taken out of our hands, or we for more Does anyone want me for ourselves. Danielle. List all the reasons why we are happy for our friend; focus on celebrating their success and let the negative thoughts and feelings live in the background.

Instead of looking at another friend's success as magnifying your failure, letting the fact he or she achieved looking that you're also working toward serve as proof that you can also get there can be helpful. Michele LenoPhD and d psychologist with a happy practice in Michigan, says that the ability to experience these opposing emotions can actually be beneficial. One person that's sure to backfire?

Simply put, the answer is yes.

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The attempt to resolve an apparently un-resolvable conflict can lead to creative problem solving. Schofield says step one is to allow yourself to feel how you're feeling. But the universe has a way of throwing us curve balls just Loojing someone close to us nails a major accomplishment.