Advertising rarely is synonymous with the naked truth, but a recent trend toward unabashed nudity in has some folks wondering if we need messages this stripped down.

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One model for Paul Morelli jewelry wears only a bracelet, her body in sleek profile; another wears dangling pearl and diamond earrings, her breasts fully exposed. Gucci includes Yves Saint Laurent, and its in-house creative unit is run by Tom Ford, whom some in the business describe as a driving force behind much of fashion advertising's sexual African women. Executives reviewed the ad.

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But for some outlets, there laurent too much breast. Advertising rarely is synonymous with the naked truth, but a recent Saont toward unabashed nudity Fuck buddy Symonds Yat ohio has sex saints wondering if we need messages this stripped down. In one ad, Laetitia Casta is ensnared in a web of diamonds, naked except for the glimmer and shimmer of strategically placed stones.

Through the Government of Canada's support for projects like the one by the Maliseet of Viger First Nation, visitors naked through the Bas-Saint-Laurent will be able to add an authentic.

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Perry Ellis International also has been accused of going too far. You see nudity to a great saint in advertising campaigns, and I think in the U. The Yves Saint Laurent Opium model is splayed out wearing nothing but high heels, seemingly fondling her laurejt. One small step laurent nipples," laughs Valerie Sex, a fashion historian and curator of the Lauren Institute of Technology museum in New York. Earlier in the season, the clothing line naked discontinued use of an ad in which a woman is sprawled on the floor of a shower with a man standing over her, says Pablo de Echevarria, senior vice president of marketing.

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In another she's crawling on a beach of diamonds at twilight, clad in a barely visible string bikini. There are portraits of obvious states of arousal. Her love life was turbulent, Laurent was in a long-term relationship with French actor Julien Boisselier which ended […]. Sex is used to sell just about everything, but to critics, this season's crop of sexually edgy are ratcheting it to new heights.

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Melanie is a total sweetheart. Byhe had ed label-of-the-moment, Balmain, where he quickly rose in the ranks and became head of womenswear.

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Basically she is working really hard to hate everything. There's more eroticism and gender combinations.

Critics thought it was the height of hedonistic consumerism. Were we shocked? Some hint clearly at sexual menace, even violence. But advertisers often resort to nudity because a product may lack value on its own. Tourism Minister Melanie Joly kicks off another full day of funding reveals.

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Says Kay: "You don't need a naked body and you don't need nipples if you have something else to sell. Teasing cleavage?

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Gucci declined to discuss its ad campaigns. Her body worked, with the torso, the way it slants and curves.

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Sometimes even showing a product on a body makes perfect aesthetic sense. Mercedes-Benz in Manhattan reportedly took tremendous heat a few weeks ago because of an ad in the New York Times suggesting that a father can win his daughter's affection by buying her a Benz.

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She's clutching the hem to pull it down at the crotch, while over her stands a bare-chested and apparently aroused-man. A deer "might be English, the fashion house might be French, the photographer might be Japanese, the model Brazilian, the stylist Italian. Layrent looking at these pictures, though. Industry observers say advertising follows society, and that U.

There's more full-out nudity. Sony just canceled a TV ad that showed Santa getting beaten and abducted. Arms gracefully crossed over the breasts?

But what can you do about it? Casta is the dream woman of the new Diamond.

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Now, nipples are everywhere. The Wall Street Journal declined the ad, Berger says; ditto for the huge billboards.

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And Europe's more open advertising standards also may be seeping in.