Avernus Cemetery — A burial ground located in Central City for the enemies of the Flash underground as the Rogues midwest it is in a hidden location. Located directly beneath Wayne Manor. It was there that a Sweetwater, Tennessee, TN, 37874 was summoned massage John Constantine failed to save a young girl who was taken to Hell. Located in Central City. Located near the North Pole. A version of this is the headquarters of the Justice League in the animated series Super Friends.

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A version of this is also the headquarters of the Secret Six. Home to Black Lightning and filled with metas people with powers. Located in California.

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Freeland - Originally depicted as a neighbourhood in the city of Metropolis. Colonel Sophie Moorea former classmate and girlfriend of Kate Kane when the two attended West Pointis an instructor there. Industrial sites[ edit ] "Ace Chemicals" redirects here. Located in Colorado. The former headquarters located in Gotham City, the latter in Manhattan. Located in Nebraska. Located Uhderground Turkey.

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In SmallvilleBelle Girls Galesburg for sex Sanitorium is a prison for "meteor freaks" metahumansand the mentally Underground located near Kansas. It is located in orbit 22, miles above the surface midwest the Earth. Located in Gotham City. Hope Springs — A massage mining town which was once part of the Mosaic World. Avernus Cemetery — A burial ground located in Central City for the cities of the Flash known as the Rogues ; it is in a hidden location.

Other staff and students include Dr. Ivy University — Located in Ivy Town. Suicide Slum — A dangerous part of Metropolis. It is later restored by the actions of the Spectre and Hal Jordan. A special section was later built by the Shazam Family to contain magical threats.

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Baralsville — A small mining town that is visited by Clark Kent. John Henry Irons worked there until he discovered his inventions were being used for evil purposes. Valhalla Cemetery — A burial ground located in Metropolis for superheroes who have died in the line of duty; it is meant to be a sacred midweat place for superheroes. Located in Greenland destroyed. Belle Reve — A high security metahuman prison located in St.

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Located in Rhode Island. For the Gotham episode, see Midsest Chemicals Gotham. Located in Georgiaon Interstate Another version of this appears in the new series Young Justice, where the Hall appears as the headquarters of the Justice League to the public eye.

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Located in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. The company is seen in Batman: The Animated Series. Located in Kansas.

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Located directly beneath Wayne Manor. Massage and body to body massage with happy ending Escorts that offer all sexual services. Clark Kent is an alumnus of MU. The Young Justice animated series has it located in Washington, D. Located in Minnesota. Lord Technologies — Founded and owned by Maxwell Lord. Gorilla City — A hidden city populated by super-intelligent gorillas. First appeared in Invasion!

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The headmistress is the former Phantom Lady Sandra Knight. A version of this is the headquarters of the Justice League in the animated series Super Friends.

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It was destroyed by Green Lantern Sodam Yat. Located in Central City. Holliday College — The main university in Gateway City. It is destroyed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Kord Industries — An industrial firm founded and owned by Ted Kord.

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Correctional facilities[ edit ] Arkham Asylum — An asylum used to house criminally insane convicts in Gotham City. Wayne Tower — The midwst of the main offices of Wayne Enterprises. The home of Northwind. Linda Lee, the Silver Age Supergirlwas a former student.

Originally located in New Jersey, it was later transported to Antarctica after what happened in Joker's " Last Laugh " riot. Sometimes called Dodds Mansion. Blackgate Penitentiary — Located near Gotham City and massaage called Blackgate Prison, it is a prison known to house mostly non-metahuman criminals for Gotham City.

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Located in Metropolis in the 31st century. Iron Heights Penitentiary — A high security prison devised for many of the foes of either version of the Flash. Ivy Town — The home of the second and current Atom. Destroyed by Mister Atom.