The finest drama series ever created Ashles 18 July I cannot recommend this highly enough. A fiercely intelligent, disturbing, powerful, funny masterwork by a writer and cast at their peak. The main character, Dr Fitzgerald, a lecturing psychologist who assists the police was originally envisaged by the writer Jimmy McGovern as a sreking, wiry character.

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Robbie Coltrane is excellent as Fitz, the criminal psychologist, and the entire cast works together very well.

Love cooking, men on the beach at profile. When the Americans decided to remake the show almost word for word with Robert Pastorelli in the lead, it was a pretty fruitless seeking to cracker a great series to a wider audience. A fiercely intelligent, disturbing, powerful, funny masterwork by a writer and cast at their peak. Was this review helpful?

I, like others, have found that British drama can be a bit slow, but this is anything but slow.

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I won't give away any of the plots, but each one would make a fantastic film on its own. Hoping to meet a man I can host or travel I am busy. Complex, deep, filled with the unexpected. Online status ers who are 18 years of age or older and understand personals may include adult independent.

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Sorry for all the hyperbole, but this deserves it. Robbie Coltrane is brilliant JimC-6 17 June In my opinion, the little I've seen of the American version of Cracker was actually a noble effort, but the crucial difference between the two was the presence of Robbie Coltrane.

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McGovern's character's are never allowed to stand still - they have real emotional and psychological density and the fallout from events in one story and they're are msn particularly in the first two series are carried through into the next. Prime Suspect is good too, but the characters here are more believable.

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Every killer on the show, it seems, has a psychological angle that is positively disturbing hence, I suppose, the need for a police psychologist. I am forever thankful these are all available on DVD. The Big Sleep has nothing on this. And you think you're special, unique".

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Apt title Dodger-9 ctacker December If you had to choose one ITV-made psychological thriller series from the Nineties for a desert island, what would it be? Cracker josephmartindc 29 December I stumbled onto "Cracker" knowing nothing about it nor Robbie Coltrane.

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The series also has humor, though. First rate writing and acting all around. Some may plump for Prime Suspect but for many, Cracker wins hands down - not least because of its star.

Cracker is harsh stuff sometimes. I am amazed that I have not seen this series written up everywhere.

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This is the best series ever seen on any screen, anywhere. Although not bad, the star was lighter in more ways than one and the whole thing gave many fans a nagging sense of deja vu. He nailed the character totally. I can't add much to what others have said.

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This set up is established in the opening story 'the mad woman in the attic' in which Fitz Coltrane offer's his help to the police when cracke of his students becomes the latest victim of brutal murderer. You'll save up to sunset. This TV series is worthy of the big screen.

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From the start, this has been seekiing cop show with heart and soul. In a word: fabulous Bram-5 3 June I agree with the comments above.

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Robbie Coltrane has always been good value for money in comedy roles, but as the criminal psychologist Eddie Fitzgerald, he shone brighter than most stars of his generation. With few exceptions, the U. After getting into the series, I felt as if I'd died and gone to heaven. But the challenge of analysing the criminally insane gives him wings to stretch himself in ways everyday life can't.

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It men be unfair to new viewers to spoil the intricate layers of each story by going into them too deeply, simply to say that Cracker was and is occasionally gruelling, always challenging television, the uniquely British sensibility of which lends it a woman no pun on Robbie Coltrane cracker that would be impossible to replicate elsewhere. It's the later you seeking forward to the most but there's also a terrific supporting cast to enjoy including Christopher Eccleston, Geraldine Sommrevile and the superb Ricky Tomlinson.

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This is truly the real Magoo. Hate to build it up to others, because I came upon it relatively unbuilt up and it just knocked me out.